Office 365 Admins Love INKY’s Email Remediation

Posted by Amy Daly

Email Administrators often need to remove dangerous emails from company inboxes. Without INKY, this can be a time-consuming chore that requires logging into Powershellsearching for the emailfiguring out the proper syntax, etc.  

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Catch of the Day: “Here’s That File You Requested.”

Posted by Dave Baggett

I’ve been working in email security for several years now, and every once in a while I will still get an email that is so authentic looking, even I get fooled. The timing of this email couldn’t be more impeccable, because I am actually expecting an email internally that would look just like this. Fortunately, we use our own technology and have INKY in place. She was smart enough to inspect this email in seconds, determine that it was dangerous, and throw a red banner flag up to make me pause before taking action on the email.  

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Microjacking: Stealing Logins to Send Phishing Emails

Posted by Bukar Alibe

Legacy anti-phishing software fails to detect what we call “Microjacking” — hijacking another's Microsoft’s resources to host phishing attacks. In today's catch of the day, we share an example of this in a phishing email that INKY stopped.

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Phishception: Phish Hiding within a Phish

Posted by Bukar Alibe

Just when we think we've seen it all, we block a clever but dangerous phishing technique like this one. We call this "Phishception" because, like the layered storyline of the movie "Inception", here the phish is found nested within another phishing email.

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